l i v e    p e r f o r m a n c e    t h a t    a w a k e n s    t h e    m i n d
l i v e     p e r f o r m a n c e    t h a t    a w a k e n s    t h e    m i n d
Theatre Awakening is a project-based theatre
company dedicated to creating live performance that
awakens the mind.  Our aim is to engage audiences
with Canadian and international plays that challenge
individuals to expand their horizons and look at the
world from a multitude of perspectives.

Founded in 2008 by Andrew Lamb and Robert
Watson, Theatre Awakening’s inaugural production
In Darfur, written by New York playwright and
journalist Winter Miller.  Staged as part of the
Summerworks Theatre Festival,
In Darfur received
wide acclaim for its bold portrayal of based-on-real-
life events concerning the humanitarian crisis and
genocide in Sudan.

Going forward, Theatre Awakening plans to continue
in its development of work that dares its audience to
think, question, and reflect upon preconceived
notions about the world around us.  We look forward
to having you join us as we continue on this exciting
The set from IN DARFUR
Design by Lindsay Anne Black
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